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WP Offers Last Update: June 12, 2022

Add New Store

You can add store and assign them to your coupons and deals to categories which coupon belongs to which store, site, shop or marketplace. Store have a special value. A single link can add to all coupons that associate with that store. Just you need to assign your affiliates link to a store and assign that store to your coupon. If your affiliate link or affiliate ID/Tracking ID is changed, you need to change just store URL. All coupons that associate with that store will get new link automatically.

It’s very simple and you can create a store same way of category. This one also have 2 way to create a new store.

  1. Classic – WordPress basic
  2. Modern – Only available with Coupon Editor

Classic – WordPress basic

Just go to WP Offers > Stores and enter your store information. Here you can see a special input field called URL. This is the field where you need to enter your affiliate URL for this store. Now, click on the Add New Store button. Congratulations, you have created your first store.

WP Offers Store

Modern – Only available with Coupon Editor

You can create your store through Coupon Editor while you are adding or editing coupons. Just click on Create a store button, it will open a modal with new store form. Here, the name field is required and other fields are optional. But if you want auto linking that coupon to store URL, enter your affiliate URL for this store. Now click one Create button.